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On (someone's) Behalf Idiom

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on (someone's) behalf
What does on (someone's) behalf mean?
acting as someone's agent, acting for the benefit of someoneI was able to sign for the registered letter on my wife's behalf.

Some Random Idioms
raise a stink about (something)
What does "raise a stink about (something)" mean?
to make a major issue out of somethingThe small business owners began to raise a stink about the new parking tax.
get out of (somewhere)
What does "get out of (somewhere)" mean?
to leave somewhere, to escapeI want to hurry and get out of my house so I will not be late for work.
make headway
What does "make headway" mean?
to make progressWe have been bargaining hard all week and we are making headway with the new agreement.
to be possessed of (something)
What does "to be possessed of (something)" mean?
to have somethingThe man was possessed of an ability to clearly understand and repeat what others had said.
play the fool
What does "play the fool" mean?
to act like a fool, to act in a silly mannerMy friend forced me to play the fool when he left me waiting in the supermarket for two hours.
rest assured
What does "rest assured" mean?
to be assured, to be certain"You can rest assured that I will be at work early every morning this week."
pass oneself off as (someone or something) else
What does "pass oneself off as (someone or something) else" mean?
to claim to be someone one is not, to pretend to be someone elseMy friend passed himself off as a reporter and was able to get into the concert free.
a cinch
What does "a cinch" mean?
something that's very easy to do.A: How was the test?B: It was a cinch. I finished it quickly and I know that allmy answers were correct."
take in (something)
What does "take in (something)" mean?
to grasp something with the mindThe course was very difficult but I tried to take in as much as possible.
get through (something)
What does "get through (something)" mean?
to complete something, to finish somethingMy friend is having trouble getting through her final exams.
play one's cards right
What does "play one's cards right" mean?
make the best use of your opportunities or what you have make the best use of your opportunities or what you haveI told my friend that if he plays his cards right he will be able to go on the business trip to Europe.
dog dags
What does "dog dags" mean?
very hot, sunny days in August
What does "meltdown" mean?
complete collapse or failure
lie through one's teeth
What does "lie through one's teeth" mean?
to lie in a bold mannerThe man in the restaurant began to lie through his teeth during the criminal investigation.



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