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On (someone's) Account Idiom

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on (someone's) account
What does on (someone's) account mean?
because of someoneWe went to the children's festival on our daughter's account.

Some Random Idioms
first and foremost
What does "first and foremost" mean?
the first and most importantFirst and foremost we need a new computer for our office.
get one`s dander up
What does "get one`s dander up" mean?
to become angry You should not talk to the supervisor early in the morning or you may get his dander up.

get across (something)
What does "get across (something)" mean?
to explain something, to make something understoodI always try to get across the importance of taking care of one's computer.
back on one`s feet
What does "back on one`s feet" mean?
to return to good financial or physical healthMy friend is back on his feet after his company went out of business.
to order
What does "to order" mean?
according to a buyer's specifications regarding size/color etc.I bought three suits which were made to order when I visited Hong Kong last year.
Awe inspiring
What does "Awe inspiring" mean?
Something or someone that is awe inspiring amazes people in a slightly frightening but positive way.
a piece of the action
What does "a piece of the action" mean?
a share in a scheme or projectThe small company was able to get a piece of the action with the large building contract.
Tough luck
What does "Tough luck" mean?
Tough luck is bad luck.
What does "stiff" mean?
not leave a tip (in a restaurant, bar, or club). That waiter got stiffed by a stingy couple.


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