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Off The Wall Idiom

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off the wall
What does off the wall mean?
to be odd/silly/unusualThe recent remarks by our boss were very much off the wall.

Some Random Idioms
What does "hicksville" mean?
small, rural town where people with little education or manners live
a leading question
What does "a leading question" mean?
a question to a witness that is designed to suggest or produce the reply that is wanted by the questionerThe judge reprimanded the lawyer for continuing to ask leading questions during the trial.
stop, look, and listen
What does "stop, look, and listen" mean?
to be careful at street corners to stop and then look and listen for other cars etc.We teach the young children to stop, look, and listen when they cross the street.
What does "LOL" mean?
laughing out loud
as easy as duck soup
What does "as easy as duck soup" mean?
very easyIt was as easy as duck soup to find the book that I wanted in the library.
from door to door
What does "from door to door" mean?
moving from one door to anotherThe children went from door to door to collect money for the earthquake victims.
in one's own best interest(s)
What does "in one's own best interest(s)" mean?
to one's advantage or benefitIt was in my friend's own best interests to move into a larger apartment with his family.
bump into (someone)
What does "bump into (someone)" mean?
to meet someone by chanceI bumped into my friend at the department store yesterday.
get in on (something)
What does "get in on (something)" mean?
to become involved in somethingMy friend wants to get in on the planning of the summer festival.
haul asss
What does "haul asss" mean?
hurry out of a place. Time to haul ass out of here before the cops show up.
mind one`s P`s and Q`s
What does "mind one`s P`s and Q`s" mean?
be very careful about what one does or saysYou should mind your P`s and Q`s and not say anything to offend your aunt.
keep abreast (of something)
What does "keep abreast (of something)" mean?
keep informed about somethingI read the newspaper regularly so that I can keep abreast of current events.



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