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Off Season Idiom

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off season
What does off season mean?
to be not in the busy time of the year, to be restricted (the hunting of an animal)It was off season so we got a very cheap rate for the hotel room.

Some Random Idioms
go bananas
What does "go bananas" mean?
to become highly excited, to behave in a crazy wayThe boy's girlfriend went bananas when he forgot to buy her a birthday present.
crack down on (someone or something)
What does "crack down on (someone or something)" mean?
enforce a rule or law more strictlyThe police recently decided to crack down on speeding cars.
stuck in traffic
What does "stuck in traffic" mean?
to be caught in a traffic jamWe were stuck in traffic for about one hour this morning.
sucker list
What does "sucker list" mean?
a list of people who can be easily persuaded to buy somethingThe salesman used a sucker list to try and get people to buy his new product.
laugh (something) out of court
What does "laugh (something) out of court" mean?
dismiss (a legal case) as being ridiculousThey laughed the case out of court when the woman tried to sue the dog's owner after the dog ate her flowers.
What does "sack" mean?
fire; dismiss (an employee)
drive (someone) up a wall
What does "drive (someone) up a wall" mean?
to irritate or annoy someone greatlyMy neighbor's constant complaining is driving me up a wall.
have a hold on (someone)
What does "have a hold on (someone)" mean?
have a strong and secure influence on someoneThe coach has a very strong hold on the members of the team.
sporting chance
What does "sporting chance" mean?
some possibility of success some possibility of successThe tennis player was not given a sporting chance to win the tournament but still she tried very hard to win.
turn up
What does "turn up" mean?
to appear suddenlyThe girls turned up when the party was almost over.
in practice
What does "in practice" mean?
in the actual doing of somethingIn practice the business does not operate the way that you would expect it to.



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