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Off One`s Rocker Idiom

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off one`s rocker
What does off one`s rocker mean?
to be crazyHe must be off his rocker if he thinks that he can spend much money and not have financial problems.

Some Random Idioms
Good walls make good neighbours
What does "Good walls make good neighbours" mean?
Your relationship with your neighbours depends, among other things, on respecting one another's privacy.
have one's finger in too many pies
What does "have one's finger in too many pies" mean?
to be involved in too many things so that you cannot do any of them well Our supervisor has her finger in too many pies and she cannot do her job well.

What does "kluge" mean?
sloppy or inefficient solution to a problem in computer hardware or software
get the boot
What does "get the boot" mean?
to be fired from a job, to be told to leave a place I got the boot from my first job in high school.
The man got the boot from the restaurant for smoking.

know a trick or two
What does "know a trick or two" mean?
know some special way of dealing with a problemI know a trick or two about how to handle a customer who is angry or upset.
hit the ceiling
What does "hit the ceiling" mean?
get angryHis wife is going to hit the ceiling when she sees the bill for the car repair.
get one`s rear in gear
What does "get one`s rear in gear" mean?
to hurry up, to get going"Let`s get our rear in gear before it is too late to go to a movie."
dump (something) into (someone's) lap
What does "dump (something) into (someone's) lap" mean?
to give a problem that you have to someone else to solve My supervisor dumped some extra work into my lap just before I was going home.

in abeyance
What does "in abeyance" mean?
the temporary suspension of an activity or a rulingMy grandfather's estate settlement was in abeyance while the lawyers looked at his will in more detail.
lock horns with (someone)
What does "lock horns with (someone)" mean?
get into an argument with someoneI locked horns with a woman who I work with and we had a big argument last week.


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