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Off One`s Hands Idiom

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off one`s hands
What does off one`s hands mean?
to no longer be in one`s care or possessionI sold my old computer and got it off my hands.
off one`s hands
What does off one`s hands mean?
no longer in one's care or possessionI would like to get my old refridgerator off my hands so that I can buy a new one.

Some Random Idioms
the long haul
What does "the long haul" mean?
a long period of time during which work continues or something is doneHe has decided to stay here for the long haul and will not return to his home.
gray matter
What does "gray matter" mean?
brains, intelligence I wish that my friend would use his gray matter more effectively when he is making his crazy plans.

green Idioms

in nothing flat
What does "in nothing flat" mean?
quicklyI will have this information printed out for you in nothing flat.
Queer Street
What does "Queer Street" mean?
If someone is in a lot of trouble, especially financial, they are in Queer Street.
go on a rampage
What does "go on a rampage" mean?
to rush around destroying thingsThe football fans went on a rampage and destroyed many things.
cool as a cucumber
What does "cool as a cucumber" mean?
to be very calm and brave, to be not worried or anxious The woman was as cool as a cucumber when her canoe turned over in the river.

get down to (something)
What does "get down to (something)" mean?
to get started to do something"Let`s get down to work so we can go home early."
Not have two pennies to rub together
What does "Not have two pennies to rub together" mean?
If someone hasn't got two pennies to rub together, they are very poor indeed.
make of (someone or something)
What does "make of (someone or something)" mean?
think or have an opinion about someone or something"What do you make of the new manager in accounting."


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