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Off Duty Idiom

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off duty
What does off duty mean?
to be not workingThe police officer was off duty when he saw the bank robbery.

Some Random Idioms
as phony as a three-dollar bill
What does "as phony as a three-dollar bill" mean?
phony, not genuineThe man who was asking for donations for the charity was as phony as a three-dollar bill.
come a long way
What does "come a long way" mean?
to make great progressThe manager has come a long way and has learned many things about his new company.
plenty of something
What does "plenty of something" mean?
lots of somethingThere was plenty of food to eat at the party.
pay the piper
What does "pay the piper" mean?
to face the results of one's actions, to receive punishment for somethingI was forced to pay the piper when I realized that I had been late with my university essay.
What does "Mud-slinging" mean?
If someone is mud-slinging, they are insulting someone and trying to damage that person's reputation.
What does "un-ass" mean?
get out of a sitting position; get off (a vehicle)
make money hand over fist
What does "make money hand over fist" mean?
to make a lot of moneyThe small ice cream shop has been making money hand over fist since it first opened.
get one's foot in the door
What does "get one's foot in the door" mean?
to take the first step in doing somethingI hope that I can get my foot in the door and join the new company.
What does "holier-than-thou" mean?
acting as if one is better than others in goodness or character etc.I do not like him because he takes a holier-than-thou attitude toward everyone else.
flea market
What does "flea market" mean?
a place where antiques or secondhand goods are soldWe went to a flea market last Saturday to try and buy some dishes.
What does "good-for-nothing" mean?
to be worthlessThe man is a good-for-nothing and lazy worker.
a pain in the neck/ass
What does "a pain in the neck/ass" mean?
an annoying/bothersome thing or personDealing with my neighbor is always a pain in the neck.
wax and wane
What does "wax and wane" mean?
increase and decrease (like the moon)The boy's interest in soccer is always waxing and waning.
sit around (somewhere)
What does "sit around (somewhere)" mean?
to sit somewhere and relax and do nothingI spent the morning sitting around my apartment while I waited for a phone call.



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