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Off And On Idiom

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off and on
What does off and on mean?
occasionallyMy friend has been seeing a woman off and on but I do not think that their relationship is very serious.
off and on
What does off and on mean?
occasionally The man has studied French off and on but he is not very serious.

Some Random Idioms
hold out on (someone)
What does "hold out on (someone)" mean?
refuse to give something to someone, refuse to agreeThe players are holding out on the owners and will not sign their contract.
write up
What does "write up" mean?
write or describe in writingAfter our trip to Vietnam I spent a couple of weeks writing it up for a travel magazine.
At a snail's pace
What does "At a snail's pace" mean?
If something moves at a snail's pace, it moves very slowly.
dead on one's feet
What does "dead on one's feet" mean?
to be exhaustedI was dead on my feet after working all day in my garden.
Holy mackeral!
What does "Holy mackeral!" mean?
an expression used to express a strong feeling of surprise "Holy mackeral! Look at the size of that motorcycle."

What does "asshole" mean?
an annoying person of little or no value. Don't be an asshole. Try being nice for once.
What does "pig" mean?
fat, ugly woman
By the skin of your teeth
What does "By the skin of your teeth" mean?
If you do something by the skin of your teeth, you only just manage to do it and come very near indeed to failing.
create a stink
What does "create a stink" mean?
to make a big issue out of something The woman tried to create a stink when she found the bad product at the supermarket.


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