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Off (someone Or Something) Goes Idiom

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off (someone or something) goes
What does off (someone or something) goes mean?
someone or something is leaving"Off we go," I said as we opened the door and left the house.

Some Random Idioms
smoke and mirrors
What does "smoke and mirrors" mean?
deception and confusionThe accounting department used a system of smoke and mirrors to hide their illegal activities.
grist for the mill
What does "grist for the mill" mean?
something that can be used for one's advantageThe information was grist for the mill of the salesman.
cast one's lot in with (someone)
What does "cast one's lot in with (someone)" mean?
to join with someone and accept whatever happens - good or bad The woman cast her lot in with the new company and worked hard to make it a success.

make believe
What does "make believe" mean?
act as if something is true although one knows that it is not, pretendThe children were playing make believe and pretended that they lived in a castle.
keep one`s shirt on
What does "keep one`s shirt on" mean?
to keep from losing one`s temper or from getting excited, to be calm or patient "Keep your shirt on. You shouldn`t get so excited about such a small problem."

bolt down (something) or bolt (something) down
What does "bolt down (something) or bolt (something) down" mean?
to eat something very quickly The man bolted down his food before going back to work.

come into fashion
What does "come into fashion" mean?
to become fashionable Recently, the mini-skirt has come into fashion again.

air one`s dirty laundry/linen in public
What does "air one`s dirty laundry/linen in public" mean?
to make public something embarrassing that should be kept secretThe dinner party became uncomfortable when the host began to air his colleague's dirty laundry in public.
let up
What does "let up" mean?
become less or weaker, become slower or stopThe rain let up around noon so we were able to go back outside.
Come up smelling of roses
What does "Come up smelling of roses" mean?
(UK) If someone comes up smelling of roses, they emerge from a situation with their reputation undamaged.
prick up one's ears
What does "prick up one's ears" mean?
to listen more carefully to something (like an animal that moves its ears up to hear better)When I heard my friends talking about me I quickly pricked up my ears.


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