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Of One's Own Accord/free Will Idiom

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of one's own accord/free will
What does of one's own accord/free will mean?
by one's own choiceThe supervisor decided to leave her job of her own free will and was not fired.

Some Random Idioms
What does "high" mean?
intoxicated from alcohol or drugs
feel (something) in one's bones
What does "feel (something) in one's bones" mean?
sense something, have an intuition about somethingI feel it in my bones that I am not going to get the job that I want.
gone with the wind
What does "gone with the wind" mean?
to be goneThe woman is gone with the wind and we will probably never see her again.
in (someone's) shoes/place
What does "in (someone's) shoes/place" mean?
seeing or experiencing something from someone else's point of viewI wish that my father could see some of my difficulties at work in my shoes.
take minutes
What does "take minutes" mean?
to write down the proceedings of a meetingI usually take minutes at the monthly club meetings.
blood, sweat, and tears
What does "blood, sweat, and tears" mean?
great personal effort We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into fixing our old house.

funny bone
What does "funny bone" mean?
the place at the back of the elbow that tingles when hit I hit my funny bone today and it still hurts.

bet on the wrong horse
What does "bet on the wrong horse" mean?
to misjudge a coming event, to misread the futureI think that he bet on the wrong horse by investing all of his money into the new stock.
the one and only
What does "the one and only" mean?
a famous and talented person, the unique and only "somebody"Yesterday the newspaper published an interview with the one and only inventor of the new DVD player.
cook (something) up or cook up (something)
What does "cook (something) up or cook up (something)" mean?
to cook something, to make some kind of plan I plan to cook up some fish tonight.
I do not know what my girlfriend is cooking up for the weekend but we will probably do something interesting.

alive and kicking
What does "alive and kicking" mean?
to be well and healthy My aunt is ninety years old and she is very much alive and kicking.


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