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Of Interest (to Someone) Idiom

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of interest (to someone)
What does of interest (to someone) mean?
to be interesting to someoneThe man who works at the gas station is of interest to the police in their investigation of the murder.

Some Random Idioms
ask (someone) out
What does "ask (someone) out" mean?
to ask a person for a dateMy friend finally asked out the woman at the bank.
no great shakes
What does "no great shakes" mean?
not particularly impressive or important
leave (someone) holding the bag
What does "leave (someone) holding the bag" mean?
leave someone to take the blame for somethingMy friend left me holding the bag when he ran away from the accident.
hold one's head up
What does "hold one's head up" mean?
keep one's dignity and prideThe basketball players were able to hold their heads up even though they lost the game.
come into one`s own
What does "come into one`s own" mean?
to begin to perform or work well because of good circumstancesThe player has come into his own as a basketball player since he changed positions.
in bad/poor taste
What does "in bad/poor taste" mean?
rude, vulgarThe jokes that the man told at the dinner were in very bad taste.
easy come, easy go
What does "easy come, easy go" mean?
something that you easily acquire may be easily spent/lost/wastedThe man always found a new job easily but then he would often quit the job quickly. For him it was always easy come, easy go.
take minutes
What does "take minutes" mean?
to write down the proceedings of a meetingI usually take minutes at the monthly club meetings.
fast track
What does "fast track" mean?
path of rapid rise through an organization or situation
number one
What does "number one" mean?
oneselfMy friend only thinks about number one and never about anybody else.
take precedence over (someone or something)
What does "take precedence over (someone or something)" mean?
to have the right to come before someone or something elseThe rights of people who do not smoke take precedence over the rights of smokers in many cities.
can't stomach (someone or something)
What does "can't stomach (someone or something)" mean?
to dislike or hate someone or somethingI can't stomach the idea of meeting my old girlfriend.
take (something) the wrong way
What does "take (something) the wrong way" mean?
to understand something as wrong or insultingThe waiter took my comments the wrong way and became a little angry.



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