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Of Benefit To (someone) Idiom

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of benefit to (someone)
What does of benefit to (someone) mean?
to be good for someone, to be a benefit to someoneAnother meeting to solve the problem would be of no benefit to myself so I decided not to attend.

Some Random Idioms
take a dig at (someone)
What does "take a dig at (someone)" mean?
to criticize someone, to say something that will irritate someoneThe man is always taking a dig at his wife.
finger in the pie
What does "finger in the pie" mean?
a part ownership of something or responsibility for somethingMy uncle has his finger in the pie of many small companies in our town.
in black and white
What does "in black and white" mean?
in writing, officiallyI put down my complaint in black and white.
fee simple
What does "fee simple" mean?
absolute title or ownership of real estateThe property was sold fee simple by the woman.
make (someone's) blood run cold
What does "make (someone's) blood run cold" mean?
shock or horrify someoneThe sight of the injured family in the car accident made my blood run cold.
What does "rule" mean?
be the top; be the best; dominate
deuce and a half
What does "deuce and a half" mean?
2.5 ton truck; medium-sized truck for cargo
as scarce as hen's teeth
What does "as scarce as hen's teeth" mean?
very scarce or nonexistentCheap apartment rentals are as scarce as hen's teeth in this city.
as calm as a toad in the sun
What does "as calm as a toad in the sun" mean?
very calm and contentThe girl was as calm as a toad in the sun during the speech contest.
at the eleventh hour
What does "at the eleventh hour" mean?
at the last minute; almost too late."Yes, I got the work done in time. I finished it at the eleventh hour, but I wasn't late.
off base
What does "off base" mean?
wrong, unrealistic wrong, unrealisticThe general was off base with his estimate about how many soldiers were needed for the battle.
doggy bag
What does "doggy bag" mean?
bag or container for leftovers in a restaurant so they can be eaten at home



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