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Occur To (someone) Idiom

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occur to (someone)
What does occur to (someone) mean?
to come into someone's mind (an idea or thought)It occurred to me that I will not be able to meet my friend on Saturday because I have to go to the airport to meet someone else.

Some Random Idioms
All bark and no bite
What does "All bark and no bite" mean?
When someone talks tough but really isn't, they are all bark and no bite.
go off
What does "go off" mean?
to begin to ring or buzzThe fire alarm started to go off just as we entered the building.
out of hand
What does "out of hand" mean?
immediately and without consulting anyone, without delay Our teacher dismissed our excuses out of hand.

have one's nose in (something)
What does "have one's nose in (something)" mean?
to have unwelcome interest in something, to have impolite curiosity about something My boss always has his nose in the business of other people and he is not very well-liked.

Bite your tongue
What does "Bite your tongue" mean?
If you bite your tongue, you refrain from speaking because it is socially or otherwise better not to.
absence makes the heart grow fonder
What does "absence makes the heart grow fonder" mean?
being away from someone makes you like him or her even more being away from someone makes you like him or her even moreAbsence makes the heart grow fonder and when the young man went away to university he missed his girlfriend even more.
keep your nose out of my business
What does "keep your nose out of my business" mean?
phr. do not meddle in my affairs; do not involve yourself in what I am doing
whole enchilada
What does "whole enchilada" mean?
idiom. everything; any and everything
duck soup
What does "duck soup" mean?
easy, effortless"How was the test last week?"
in the soup
What does "in the soup" mean?
in serious trouble, in disorderShe is in the soup now that she has had a big fight with her boss.
By the numbers
What does "By the numbers" mean?
If something is done by the numbers, it is done in a mechanical manner without room for creativity.


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