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Make Up One`s Mind Idiom

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make up one`s mind
What does make up one`s mind mean?
decide somethingI haven`t made up my mind about whether or not I will accept the new job.
make up one`s mind
What does make up one`s mind mean?
to choose what to do, to decide somethingI have not been able to make up my mind about going to the party or not.

Some Random Idioms
Work your tail off
What does "Work your tail off" mean?
If you work your tail off, you work extremely hard.
put (something) forward
What does "put (something) forward" mean?
to state or advance an ideaI put my new plan forward at the meeting to see if anyone was interested in it.
teach someone a lesson
What does "teach someone a lesson" mean?
to do something to someone in order to punish him or her for their bad behavior My friend is always late so I taught her a lesson and left our meeting place before she had arrived.

the die is cast
What does "the die is cast" mean?
something has been decided and you cannot change the decision The die is cast and now that we have sold our house we must move.

take a shit
What does "take a shit" mean?
move one's bowels; defacate
in one's prime
What does "in one's prime" mean?
at one's peak or best timeMy cousin was in his prime when he entered the bicycle race.
catch (someone) off balance
What does "catch (someone) off balance" mean?
to surprise someone who is not preparedWe were caught off balance when we discovered that our business license was no good.
make up one's face
What does "make up one's face" mean?
put on cosmeticsShe always wants to make up her face before she goes to the store.
dead letter
What does "dead letter" mean?
a piece of mail that cannot be delivered or returned to the senderThe letter with no return address went back to the post office as a dead letter.
hammer out (an agreement or a deal)
What does "hammer out (an agreement or a deal)" mean?
to negotiate a deal or agreement by discussion and debateThe negotiations lasted all night but finally we were able to hammer out an agreement.
Thrilled to bits
What does "Thrilled to bits" mean?
If you are thrilled to bits, you are extremely pleased or excited about something.
Been in the wars
What does "Been in the wars" mean?
(UK) If someone has been in the wars, they have been hurt or look as if they have been in a struggle.


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