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Make Up One's Face Idiom

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make up one's face
What does make up one's face mean?
put on cosmeticsShe always wants to make up her face before she goes to the store.

Some Random Idioms
In the doldrums
What does "In the doldrums" mean?
To be depressed or unmotivated.I'd like to provide a good example, but I'm feeling in the doldrums.
Doldrums is the name of a place in the ocean that is located near the equator and is characterized by unstable trade winds. A sailing ship caught in the Doldrums can be stranded due to lack of wind.
Take your eye off the ball
What does "Take your eye off the ball" mean?
If someone takes their eye off the ball, they don't concentrate on something important that they should be looking at.
cramp one`s style
What does "cramp one`s style" mean?
to limit one`s talk or action Working in the new department is beginning to cramp my style.

Wake-up call
What does "Wake-up call" mean?
A wake-up call is a warning of a threat or a challenge, especially when it means that people will have to change their behaviour to meet it.
small fry
What does "small fry" mean?
someone or something of little importance, young childrenThe police are trying to find the major criminals in the drug trade. They are not interested in the small fry.
chase rainbows
What does "chase rainbows" mean?
to try to get or achieve something that is difficult or impossible My old school friend is always chasing rainbows and he never achieves anything.

deal with (something)
What does "deal with (something)" mean?
to be concerned with something, to take action about something We will deal with the boxes tomorrow.
make arrangements for (someone or something)
What does "make arrangements for (someone or something)" mean?
make plans for someone or somethingWe made arrangements for a small wedding for my cousin.
be that as it may
What does "be that as it may" mean?
even if what you say is true"Be that as it may, we are not going to permit the school dance to take place."
find it in one's heart to (do something)
What does "find it in one's heart to (do something)" mean?
to have the courage or compassion to do somethingI could not find it in my heart to tell the young woman that she could not continue to work at the company.
keep after/at (someone)
What does "keep after/at (someone)" mean?
remind someone over and over about somethingI always have to keep after my friend to do her job properly.
as blind as a bat
What does "as blind as a bat" mean?
blind The man is as blind as a bat and cannot see more than a small distance ahead.


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