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Make Up For (something) Idiom

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make up for (something)
What does make up for (something) mean?
compensate for a loss or mistakeI have to work hard in order to make up for last year's poor sales.

Some Random Idioms
a slice of the cake
What does "a slice of the cake" mean?
a share of something (money etc.) The government wants a slice of the cake from the new casinos.

Go to the wire
What does "Go to the wire" mean?
If someone goes to the wire, they risk their life, job, reputation, etc, to help someone.
hard to stomach (someone or something)
What does "hard to stomach (someone or something)" mean?
to be unable to accept something, to be unable to do something that you think is unpleasant or wrong I find the attitudes of some of my classmates hard to stomach.

sweat it out
What does "sweat it out" mean?
wait patiently until something bad or unpleasant endsWe had to sweat it out in a small town with no food while our car was being repaired.
bend (someone's) ear
What does "bend (someone's) ear" mean?
to talk to someone (usually in an annoying or persistent manner) I met my co-worker this morning and she bent my ear about her problems at work.

make sense
What does "make sense" mean?
seem reasonableHis new proposal really does make sense.
For England
What does "For England" mean?
(UK) A person who talks for England, talks a lot- if you do something for England, you do it a lot or to the limit.


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