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Make Up (something) Idiom

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make up (something)
What does make up (something) mean?
make something by putting things or parts togetherWe made up the new machine by using parts from old machines.

Some Random Idioms
have a time
What does "have a time" mean?
have trouble, have a hard timeShe really had a time last night when her car stopped working.
What does "kicky" mean?
appealing; fun; exciting
What does "UV" mean?
Ultraviolet - a type of light ray Ultraviolet - a type of light rayWe used lots of sunscreen in order to protect ourselves from UV rays.
What does "bouncer" mean?
an individual who throws out patrons, usually unruly ones, from a bar of similar establishment
gross somebody out
What does "gross somebody out" mean?
show or tell somebody something disgusting, repulsive or vulgar
down on (someone)
What does "down on (someone)" mean?
to be critical of someone, to be angry at someone The girl is down on her friend but I do not know the reason.

Tomorrow's another day
What does "Tomorrow's another day" mean?
This means that things might turn out better or that there might be another opportunity in the future.
all ears
What does "all ears" mean?
to be eager to listen to someone"I`m all ears, please tell me about the party."
get down
What does "get down" mean?
concentrade hard


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