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Make The Most Of (something) Idiom

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make the most of (something)
What does make the most of (something) mean?
use something to one's greatest advantageHe made the most of his time in Europe and visited many art galleries.

Some Random Idioms
force (something) down (someone`s) throat
What does "force (something) down (someone`s) throat" mean?
to force someone to do or agree to something that they do not want or like The government tried to force the new law down the public's throat.

look up to (someone)
What does "look up to (someone)" mean?
think of someone as a good example to copy, respect someoneI look up to the president of our company as someone I would like to copy.
Young blood
What does "Young blood" mean?
Young people with new ideas and fresh approaches are young blood.
fall flat (on one's face)
What does "fall flat (on one's face)" mean?
to be unsuccessful, to fail My attempt at humor fell flat and now the girl does not like me.
I fell flat on my face when I tried to impress the girl with my story.

all for (someone or something)
What does "all for (someone or something)" mean?
to be very much in favor of someone or something The woman is all for the manager and she never criticizes her.

on the eve of (something)
What does "on the eve of (something)" mean?
just before or on the evening before somethingThe sports fans were very excited on the eve of the big game.
act one's age
What does "act one's age" mean?
to behave as a mature person or at least to behave equal to one's ageMy friend never acts her age in public.
What does "cut" mean?
share of booty, loot, profits, or gains
to boot
What does "to boot" mean?
in addition, alsoOur hot water tank is not working and to boot our kitchen stove is also having problems.
fuck friend
What does "fuck friend" mean?
a friend one has sexual relations with; a friend with benefits. I'm off to see my fuck friend for some fun.
look like (something)
What does "look like (something)" mean?
to predict somethingIt looks like it is going to rain this evening.
Cut your coat according to your cloth
What does "Cut your coat according to your cloth" mean?
If you cut your coat according to your cloth, you only buy things that you have sufficient money to pay for.
feed one's face
What does "feed one's face" mean?
to eatI stopped at a small restaurant after the game to feed my face.


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