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Make Short Work Of (something) Idiom

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make short work of (something)
What does make short work of (something) mean?
finish something quicklyHe made short work of the typing and has started working on the other report.

Some Random Idioms
come out of the closet
What does "come out of the closet" mean?
to reveal one's secret interests, to reveal that one is gay Nobody was surprised when my cousin came out of the closet.

put (something) on ice
What does "put (something) on ice" mean?
to delay or postpone somethingThe city put the plans for the new stadium on ice as they tried to get more money for the project.
Dull as ditchwater
What does "Dull as ditchwater" mean?
(UK) If something is as dull as ditchwater, it is incredibly boring. A ditch is a long narrow hole or trench dug to contain water, which is normally a dark, dirty colour and stagnant (when water turns a funny colour and starts to smell bad). (In American English,'things are 'dull as dishwater'.)
What does "OAP" mean?
Old Age Pensioner Old Age PensionerAt first I could not understand why I couldn't get the discount that was for OAPs only. Later I realized it was for senior citizens.
Melt your heart
What does "Melt your heart" mean?
If something melts your heart, it affects you emotionally and you cannot control the feeling.
stuck up
What does "stuck up" mean?
to act as if other people are not as good as you are, to be conceitedWe do not like the new woman at work because she is stuck up and thinks that she is better than the rest of us.
What does "spot" mean?
give somebody an advantage (in a game). I'll spot you ten points.
in the final/last analysis
What does "in the final/last analysis" mean?
in truth, when all the facts are knownIn the final analysis I believe that it will be impossible to continue with our present policy.
What does "jaw" mean?
chat; talk nonsense
make waves
What does "make waves" mean?
create trouble; create controversy


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