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Make Room For (someone Or Something) Idiom

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make room for (someone or something)
What does make room for (someone or something) mean?
arrange space for someone or somethingWe made room for the new computer in the spare room.

Some Random Idioms
all in one breath
What does "all in one breath" mean?
spoken rapidly while one is very excitedI told my friend about the accident all in one breath.
You could have knocked me down with a feather
What does "You could have knocked me down with a feather" mean?
This idiom is used to mean that the person was very shocked or surprised.
cast doubt on (someone or something)
What does "cast doubt on (someone or something)" mean?
cause someone or something to be doubtedThe evidence presented at the trial cast doubt on the truthfulness of the woman's testimony.
split one's sides (with laughter)
What does "split one's sides (with laughter)" mean?
to laugh so hard that one's sides almost split I split my sides with laughter when I heard the story about my friend.

Reduce to ashes
What does "Reduce to ashes" mean?
If something is reduced to ashes, it is destroyed or made useless. His infidelities reduced their relationship to ashes.
give notice
What does "give notice" mean?
inform an employer, employee, landlord or tenant that a contractual agreement will endThe woman gave notice that she will leave her job next month.
big mouth
What does "big mouth" mean?
a person who speaks loudly or says too much (often revealing secrets). She is such a big mouth and can't keep anything to herself.
What does "shoot" mean?
start to explain something
run around with (someone)
What does "run around with (someone)" mean?
to be friends and do things with someone or with a groupMy cousin's son is running around with a bad group of people.
put (someone or something) out to pasture
What does "put (someone or something) out to pasture" mean?
to retire someone or somethingWe finally decided to put the old horse out to pasture and stop riding him.
go bananas
What does "go bananas" mean?
to become highly excited, to behave in a crazy way The girl went bananas when her boyfriend forgot to buy her a birthday present.

pig out
What does "pig out" mean?
gorge, overeat, eat to excess
add up (to something)
What does "add up (to something)" mean?
to mean something, to result in something The things that my friend said about his boss do not add up to anything.

Practise what you preach
What does "Practise what you preach" mean?
If you practise what you preach, you do what you say other people should do.(In American English, the verb is 'practice')


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