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Make Points With (someone) Idiom

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make points with (someone)
What does make points with (someone) mean?
gain favor with someoneI am sure that the woman is more interested in making points with her boss than doing a good job.

Some Random Idioms
a force to be reckoned with
What does "a force to be reckoned with" mean?
someone or something that is important and should not be ignored The young man is a force to be reckoned with in the wrestling world.

catch (someone`s) eye
What does " catch (someone`s) eye" mean?
to attract someone`s attentionI tried to catch my friend's eye but she did not notice me.
buy off (someone)
What does "buy off (someone)" mean?
to use a gift or money to divert someone from their duty or purpose (similar to a bribe and sometimes illegal)The land developer tried to buy off the politician but he was not successful.
Clear as a bell
What does "Clear as a bell" mean?
Clearly understood.You don't have to repeat yourself. Your message is clear as a bell.
Bells such as the type used in churches are large and loud. Their sound can be heard from a great distance. Bells sound a single, clear note so their sound is distinctive and not easily confused.
Before electric sirens and amplification systems, bells were a valuable means of signaling people and alerting of important events like an impending attack. The bell and the message intended could be heard clearly over a large area.
Back in the 1910's, many companies were trying to get into the manufacturing and selling one the hottest items around, the phonograph. One of those companies was the Sonora Chime Company.
This company started the Sonora Phonograph Company and used "Clear as a Bell" as their slogan, touting the fidelity of their machine's sound reproduction.
blow (someone) off
What does "blow (someone) off" mean?
ignore or neglect someone; reject or abandon someone. She's totalling blowing me off.
as broad as a barn door
What does "as broad as a barn door" mean?
very broad/fatThe flight attendant at the airport was as broad as a barn door.
on the defensive
What does "on the defensive" mean?
to be trying to defend oneselfI always feel that I am on the defensive when I talk to my friend about money.


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