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Make Peace With (someone) Idiom

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make peace with (someone)
What does make peace with (someone) mean?
end a quarrel with someoneThe two sisters were finally able to make peace with each other.

Some Random Idioms
figure on (something)
What does "figure on (something)" mean?
to depend on something, to be sure about somethingYou can figure on many people coming to the party next week.
turn a blind eye to (someone or something)
What does "turn a blind eye to (someone or something)" mean?
to ignore someone or something troublesome and pretend not to see itOur teacher sometimes turns a blind eye to the bad behavior of the students in the class.
What does "frikking" mean?
annoying; irritating; damned (from "fucking")
Make your blood boil
What does "Make your blood boil" mean?
If something makes your blood boil, it makes you very angry.
Need no introduction
What does "Need no introduction" mean?
Someone who is very famous and known to everyone needs no introduction.
keep one's eyes open
What does "keep one's eyes open" mean?
remain alert and watchful for someone or something"Please keep your eyes open for a good place to eat so that we can have lunch."
Their bark is worse than their bite
What does "Their bark is worse than their bite" mean?
If someone's bark is worse than their bite, they get angry and shout and make threats, but don't actually do anything.
ill-disposed to (do something)
What does "ill-disposed to (do something)" mean?
not friendly or favorable to somethingOur company is ill-disposed to begin working on the project with the other company.
not hold water
What does "not hold water" mean?
to be illogical, to make no senseThe excuses of the young man do not hold water.
What does "plastic" mean?
credit card(s). "Oh, no! I forgot to get any cash! I hope thisrestaurant accepts plastic!"
have the makings of (something)
What does "have the makings of (something)" mean?
possess the qualities that are needed for somethingThe new soccer player has the makings of a great star.
What does "ditsy" mean?
spacey; flakey; absentminded person
What does "sting" mean?
capture and/or arrest somebody


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