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Make Over (something) Idiom

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make over (something)
What does make over (something) mean?
make something look different, change the style of somethingWe decided to make over our living room because we were tired of the old style.

Some Random Idioms
feel like a new person
What does "feel like a new person" mean?
to feel refreshed and renewedI felt like a new person after I had a shower.
bite the bullet
What does "bite the bullet" mean?
to endure a difficult situation, to face a difficult situation bravely I have decided to bite the bullet and begin to study for my Master`s degree.

out to lunch
What does "out to lunch " mean?
to be eating lunch away from one's work The bank manager was out to lunch when I went to meet him.

quick as greased lightning
What does "quick as greased lightning" mean?
very quickly, very fastThe cat climbed up the tree as quick as greased lightning.
Cut your losses
What does "Cut your losses" mean?
If you cut your losses, you avoid losing any more money than you already have by getting out of a situation before matters worsen.
What does "snow" mean?
deception; con
What does "POW" mean?
Prisoner of War Prisoner of WarThe negotiations regarding POWs continued for many years after the Vietnam war.


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