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Make Out (a Report/application) Idiom

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make out (a report/application)
What does make out (a report/application) mean?
fill out a report/applicationI stayed out late last night in order to make out some reports for work.

Some Random Idioms
in reality
What does "in reality" mean?
reallyThe woman said that she wants a job but in reality I don't think that she really wants to work.
sugarcoat (something)
What does "sugarcoat (something)" mean?
to make something that is unpleasant seem more pleasant, to coat something with sugar The government tried to sugarcoat the new policy but nobody was happy with it.

to some extent
What does "to some extent" mean?
to some degree, partlyMy answer to the professor's question was correct to some extent but in general it was not what the professor wanted.
What does "OAP" mean?
Old Age Pensioner Old Age PensionerAt first I could not understand why I couldn't get the discount that was for OAPs only. Later I realized it was for senior citizens.
sit on the fence
What does "sit on the fence" mean?
to not support any side in a dispute, to not decide/support somethingMost of the politicians are sitting on the fence over supporting the new rapid transit project.
make up with (someone)
What does "make up with (someone)" mean?
become friends again after a quarrelThe girl made up with her friend after their fight last week.
baster baby
What does "baster baby" mean?
baby resulting from artificial insemination
What does "dust" mean?
to head up
What does "to head up" mean?
to be at the head of (a group), a leaderThe president headed up a group of people going overseas to promote trade.
keep one's eyes open
What does "keep one's eyes open" mean?
to remain alert and watchful, to notice what is happening around youI always try to keep my eyes open when I am walking downtown at night.
cut (someone) off
What does "cut (someone) off" mean?
to stop someone from saying something, to disconnect someone on the phone I tried to tell my father about the accident but he cut me off before I had a chance.
turn tail
What does "turn tail" mean?
to run away from trouble or danger We decided to turn tail and leave the restaurant before there was an argument.


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