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Make Or Break (someone) Idiom

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make or break (someone)
What does make or break (someone) mean?
either benefit or ruin someoneThe new business venture will probably make or break my uncle.

Some Random Idioms
by fits and starts
What does "by fits and starts" mean?
irregularly, with many stops and startsBy fits and starts the company was finally able to begin business.
What does "shmooze" mean?
gossip; discuss; cat
call a meeting
What does "call a meeting" mean?
to request that a meeting be held The board of directors will call a meeting for next week.

What does "Down-to-earth" mean?
Someone who's down-to-earth is practical and realistic. It can also be used for things like ideas.
have a time
What does "have a time" mean?
have trouble, have a hard timeShe really had a time last night when her car stopped working.
get the blues
What does "get the blues" mean?
to become sad or depressedEvery winter my neighbor seems to get the blues.
sit back
What does "sit back" mean?
to relax/rest, to take a breakWe decided to sit back for the day and not do anything.
What does "looney" mean?
crazy; nuts; insane
shrug (something) off
What does "shrug (something) off" mean?
to not be bothered or hurt by something, to disregard somethingThe girl says mean things but we always shrug off her comments.
What does "pot" mean?


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