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Make One`s Own Way Idiom

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make one`s own way
What does make one`s own way mean?
rely on one`s own abilitiesHis father wants him to join the family business but he wants to make his own way and do something different.

Some Random Idioms
hold all the trumps
What does "hold all the trumps" mean?
to have the best chance of winning, to have all the advantages The coach holds all the trumps and should be able to continue to coach the team.

pay one's dues
What does "pay one's dues" mean?
to earn one's right to something through hard work or sufferingThe young athlete worked hard to pay his dues in order to get on the best team in the city.
Stick in your craw
What does "Stick in your craw" mean?
If someone or something really annoys you, it is said to stick in your craw.
ghetto box
What does "ghetto box" mean?
large, portable stereo radio/cassette/CD player
hit (someone) hard
What does "hit (someone) hard" mean?
affect someone stronglyThe death of the woman's father hit her very hard.
face down (someone)
What does "face down (someone)" mean?
to confront someone boldly, to defy someone We decided to face down our competitors and try to stay in business.

scarcer than hen's teeth
What does "scarcer than hen's teeth" mean?
very scarce or nonexistent People who know about computers are scarcer than hen's teeth in our company.

Crow Idioms

get a bright idea
What does "get a bright idea" mean?
to have a clever thought or idea occur to you (often used as sarcasm)My father got the bright idea that he should buy a motorcycle.
jump the gun
What does "jump the gun" mean?
start before you shouldHe jumped the gun and started selling the tickets before he should have.
(have) what it takes
What does "(have) what it takes" mean?
(have) ability for a job, (have) courageHe really has what it takes to be a success at his job.
come to know (someone or something)
What does "come to know (someone or something)" mean?
to begin to know something Since I have come to know the girl, I really like her.

What does "breakthrough" mean?
a success that comes after overcoming a difficultyThere was a breakthrough in the talks aimed at ending the teacher's strike.


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