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Make One`s Hair Stand On End Idiom

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make one`s hair stand on end
What does make one`s hair stand on end mean?
frighten/horrify someoneThe horror movie that we saw last week made my hair stand on end.

Some Random Idioms
lock the barn door after the horse is gone
What does "lock the barn door after the horse is gone" mean?
to try to deal with something after it is too lateNow my friend wants to fix his house but it is like locking the barn door after the horse is gone. There was a flood and the damage is already done.
look for trouble
What does "look for trouble" mean?
do something that may cause troubleThe young boys spend every Saturday evening walking around and looking for trouble.
(have) what it takes
What does "(have) what it takes" mean?
(have) ability for a job, (have) courageHe really has what it takes to be a success at his job.
in round numbers/figures
What does "in round numbers/figures" mean?
an estimated number, a figure that has been rounded offI was able to learn, in round numbers, how much it would cost to move to a larger apartment.
pay in advance
What does "pay in advance" mean?
to pay for something before you get/use itI must pay in advance for the bus company to deliver my boxes.
bring down the house
What does "bring down the house" mean?
to cause much laughter in the audienceThe comedian brought down the house with his jokes about the lost dog.
What does "fascinoma" mean?
any interesting or amusing medical condition, particularly tumors and malignancies
with an eye/view to (doing something)
What does "with an eye/view to (doing something)" mean?
with the intention of doing somethingWe bought the small truck with an eye to using it for our home business.
everything from soup to nuts
What does "everything from soup to nuts" mean?
almost everything that one can think of We brought everything from soup to nuts for our weekend holiday.

Dead air
What does "Dead air" mean?
When there is a period of total silence, there is dead air.


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