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Make One`s Feelings Known Idiom

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make one`s feelings known
What does make one`s feelings known mean?
to reveal one's feelings about somethingMy friend made her feelings known about her desire not to attend the dinner.

Some Random Idioms
reach first base
What does "reach first base" mean?
to make a good start, to succeedWe were unable to reach first base in the discussions.
go back to the drawing board
What does "go back to the drawing board" mean?
to go back and start something from the beginningThe negotiations failed so we had to go back to the drawing board and start over.
excuse (someone)
What does "excuse (someone)" mean?
to forgive someone We excused the man for his rude comments because he did not know any better.

Faint heart never won fair lady
What does "Faint heart never won fair lady" mean?
This means that you will not get the partner of your dreams if you lack the confidence to let them know how you feel.
catch up with (someone or something)
What does "catch up with (someone or something)" mean?
to become even with someone (in a race or in schoolwork etc.) I think that it is too late to catch up with the rest of the class.

go at it
What does "go at it" mean?
to fight or argue with someoneWhen I entered the room the two men were going at it loudly.
ram (something) down (someone`s) throat
What does "ram (something) down (someone`s) throat" mean?
to force someone to do or agree to something that they do not want or like My friend is always ramming his opinions down our throats.

a breath of fresh air
What does "a breath of fresh air" mean?
new ideas or new energy or new ways of doing something The new manager is a breath of fresh air in our company.

crash the gate
What does "crash the gate" mean?
to enter someplace without a ticket or without payingMany people did not have a ticket for the concert so they decided to crash the gate.


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