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Make Of (someone Or Something) Idiom

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make of (someone or something)
What does make of (someone or something) mean?
think or have an opinion about someone or something"What do you make of the new manager in accounting."

Some Random Idioms
drum up (something) or drum (something) up
What does "drum up (something) or drum (something) up" mean?
to encourage something by making an effort The company was able to drum up a lot of business during the summer.

elbow (someone) out of (something)
What does "elbow (someone) out of (something)" mean?
to force or pressure someone out of something (an office or position) The new manager got his new position by elbowing many people out of the way.

What does "ax" mean?
saxophone; other horn or similar instrument
bottom drops/falls out of (something)
What does "bottom drops/falls out of (something)" mean?
a collapse occurs and prices fall below an earlier low priceWhen the bottom fell out of the coffee market many companies had to stop doing business.
get used to (someone or something)
What does "get used to (someone or something)" mean?
to become accustomed to someone or somethingI am slowly getting used to my new job.
put the blame on (someone)
What does "put the blame on (someone)" mean?
to blame someoneThe teacher put the blame on the young boys for breaking the school desks.
with impunity
What does "with impunity" mean?
without risk of punishmentThe man was able to continue to abuse his position and clients with impunity.


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