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Make Nothing Of (something) Idiom

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make nothing of (something)
What does make nothing of (something) mean?
ignore something as if it had not happenedThe woman made nothing of the fact that she almost hit a woman in the parking lot.

Some Random Idioms
warm one`s blood/heart
What does "warm one`s blood/heart" mean?
make one feel warm or excitedThe sight of the small boy helping the old woman warmed the heart of the people on the street.
beat the tar out of (someone)
What does "beat the tar out of (someone)" mean?
to beat someone severelyThe older boy beat the tar out of the young boy in the schoolyard.
on the dole
What does "on the dole" mean?
to be receiving welfareThis area is very poor and there are many people on the dole who live here.
a green thumb
What does "a green thumb" mean?
the skill to make plants growThe man has a green thumb and has a very beautiful garden.
on (someone`s) coat-tails
What does "on (someone`s) coat-tails" mean?
as a result of someone else doing somethingThe woman was elected to city council on her husband`s coat-tails.
get one's fill of (someone or something)
What does "get one's fill of (someone or something)" mean?
to receive enough of someone or something Recently, I have got my fill of fresh corn and I do not want to eat any more.

fly the coop
What does "fly the coop" mean?
to escapeThe prisoner was able to fly the coop when the guard was not looking.
What does "getup" mean?
fancy dress or costume"What was that strange getup that your friend was wearing the other day?"
call the dogs off
What does "call the dogs off" mean?
to stop threatening/chasing/hounding someoneThe police decided to call the dogs off and stop hunting for the man.
at the outside
What does "at the outside" mean?
as the highest estimate We can feed one hundred people at the outside during the seminar.


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