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Make No Mistake (about Something) Idiom

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make no mistake (about something)
What does make no mistake (about something) mean?
have no doubt about something, be certain about somethingI told the man to make no mistake about the fact that he was not permitted to park his car in our parking area.

Some Random Idioms
get into (someone's) head
What does "get into (someone's) head" mean?
to understand what someone thinks and feels so that you can communicate well with themI am having a difficult time to get into the principal's head and understand what he is really doing.
talk up (someone or something)
What does "talk up (someone or something)" mean?
to speak in favor of someone or somethingThe manager was talking up the new product during the meeting.
read (someone's) lips
What does "read (someone's) lips" mean?
to listen carefully and believe what someone is sayingThe supervisor told everybody to read his lips and listen carefully to what he was saying.
at a stretch
What does "at a stretch" mean?
continuouslyMy friend sometimes works for three weeks at a stretch.
belt (something) out or belt out (something)
What does "belt (something) out or belt out (something)" mean?
to sing or play a song with lots of energy The man stood up and belted out several songs.

break the bank
What does "break the bank " mean?
to win all the money at a casino gambling tableThe man did not break the bank but he did win a lot of money.
come back to haunt (someone)
What does "come back to haunt (someone)" mean?
result in undesirable effects eventually
read up on (someone or something)
What does "read up on (someone or something)" mean?
to research and read about someone or somethingI have been reading up on Egyptian history before our trip to Egypt this summer.
get one`s nose out of (something)
What does "get one`s nose out of (something)" mean?
to become uninvolved in something, to become uninvolved in someone else's business I wish that our secretary would get her nose out of my business.

What does "dweeb" mean?
very hardworking student
have a tiger by the tail
What does "have a tiger by the tail" mean?
to have a task or situation that you are not prepared for or which is a bigger challenge that you expected The politician had a tiger by the tail as he tried to manage the large problem.


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