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Make No Bones About (something) Idiom

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make no bones about (something)
What does make no bones about (something) mean?
make no secret of something, have no doubts about somethingI made no bones about the fact that I am not interested in applying for the supervisor`s job.
make no bones about (something)
What does make no bones about (something) mean?
make no mistake about something, do not doubt something"Make no bones about it, I am not going to lend my friend any more money."

Some Random Idioms
magic bullet
What does "magic bullet" mean?
amazing and full-proof solution
ball is in (someone's) court
What does "ball is in (someone's) court" mean?
it is the decision of another person/group to do somethingThe ball was in the union's court after the company made their final offer.
plow through (something)
What does "plow through (something)" mean?
to work through something with determinationI had much homework to do but I was able to plow through most of it by early evening.
milk (someone) for (something)
What does "milk (someone) for (something)" mean?
to pressure someone into giving information or money The man was trying to milk the elderly lady for much of her money.

Uncle Sam
What does "Uncle Sam" mean?
Uncle Sam is the government of the USA.
a pep talk
What does "a pep talk" mean?
a speech to encourage people to try harder and not give upThe coach gave his team a pep talk after they lost three games last month.
chip off the old block
What does "chip off the old block" mean?
a person who looks or acts like one of his parentsThe boy is a chip off the old block and acts exactly like his father.
die with one`s boots on
What does "die with one`s boots on" mean?
to die while still active in one`s work or doing a jobThe man worked hard all his life and died with his boots on when he had a heart attack and died in the factory.
What does "fossil" mean?
old-fashioned, outmoded person
a hang-up
What does "a hang-up" mean?
an inhibition, a neurotic reaction to some life situationThe girl has a serious hang-up about the dark and is afraid to go out at night.
sock (something) away
What does "sock (something) away" mean?
to store something in a safe placeI have been socking toys away for the time when my friend's children come to visit me.
What does "high" mean?
intoxicated from alcohol or drugs


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