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Make Mincemeat Out Of (someone) Idiom

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make mincemeat out of (someone)
What does make mincemeat out of (someone) mean?
beat someone upThe boxer made mincemeat out of his opponent during the boxing match.

Some Random Idioms
bucket of bolts
What does "bucket of bolts" mean?
machine that functions poorly or is in a state of disrepar. This damned bucket of bolts won't even start half the time.
an open book
What does "an open book" mean?
someone or something that is easy to understandMy friend is an open book and everything about him is easy to understand.
get it through one`s head
What does "get it through one`s head" mean?
to understand/believe somethingThe man has got it through his head that he will get a job without making any effort.
sit on one's hands
What does "sit on one's hands" mean?
to do nothing, to fail to helpThe manager sat on her hands and refused to do anything about the complaints that she had received.
What does "frag" mean?
wound or kill using a fragmentation grenade
eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
What does "eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" mean?
a system of punishment where you punish someone in the same way that they hurt youThe citizens wanted an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth when they learned about the child's murder.
in on (something)
What does "in on (something)" mean?
joining together for somethingWe went in on a present for our father for Father`s Day.
What does "puke" mean?
vomit; vomitus. Look at the puke all over this bus station. It's disgusting.
have an out
What does "have an out" mean?
have an excuseThe teacher asked me to do my presentation tomorrow but I have an out and don't have to do it. I will go to the doctor tomorrow
down to the wire
What does "down to the wire" mean?
at the very last moment, very close to the time when something is due (from the wire at the end of a horse race) The election went down to the wire but the candidate was re-elected to another term in office.
We went down to the wire but we were able to finish the project on time.

dead duck
What does "dead duck" mean?
someone in a hopeless situation or condition The man is a dead duck. When the police catch him he will have to go to jail.


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