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Make Little Of (someone Or Something) Idiom

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make little of (someone or something)
What does make little of (someone or something) mean?
minimize someone or something, belittle someone or somethingMy friend often makes little of the fact that he borrows money and then does not pay it back quickly.

Some Random Idioms
beef up (something) or beef (something) up
What does "beef up (something) or beef (something) up" mean?
to make something stronger The police beefed up the security around the convention site.

brush up on (something)
What does "brush up on (something)" mean?
to review something that one has already learnedI am going to brush up on my English before my trip to New York.
for the better
What does "for the better" mean?
an improvement It was for the better that the old hospital was closed down.

something about (someone or something)
What does "something about (someone or something)" mean?
something strange/special/curious about someone or somethingThere is something about the woman that is very strange.
foot the bill
What does "foot the bill" mean?
to pay for somethingThe company will foot the bill for my move to Paris.
tuck into (something)
What does "tuck into (something)" mean?
to eat something with energy and enjoyment We tucked into our dinner when we sat down at the table.

state of the art
What does "state of the art" mean?
using the latest technology. "The company is very proud of the equipment in its computer room. It's state of the art."
What does "hoe" mean?
prostitute; whore
What does "sack" mean?
firing, termination, or dismissal from a job
put down (something)
What does "put down (something)" mean?
to write a record of something, to write down somethingHe was asked by his company to put down his request for a transfer in writing.


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