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Make Light Of (something) Idiom

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make light of (something)
What does make light of (something) mean?
treat something as not being important, minimize somethingMy friend made light of my efforts to learn how to speak and write Chinese.

Some Random Idioms
Here's mud in your eye.
What does "Here's mud in your eye." mean?
Drink up! (used as a toast) "Here's mud in your eye," I said as my friend began to drink.

sit in for (someone)
What does "sit in for (someone)" mean?
to take someone else's place in some activityI asked my friend to sit in for me at my volunteer job at the community center.
get across (something)
What does "get across (something)" mean?
to explain something, to make something understoodI always try to get across the importance of taking care of one's computer.
so sue me
What does "so sue me" mean?
idiom. retort said to reject or dismiss somebody's statement
what makes (someone) tick
What does "what makes (someone) tick" mean?
what motivates or makes someone behave in a certain wayI really don't know what makes that woman tick. She is very strange.
on (someone's) shoulders
What does "on (someone's) shoulders" mean?
someone's responsibilityI don't want to have the failure of the project on my shoulders.
What does "killer" mean?
very amusing or entertaining
get rolling
What does "get rolling" mean?
to get started"Let's get rolling and try and finish this project today."
spin one's wheels
What does "spin one's wheels" mean?
to be in motion but get nowhereI was spinning my wheels all week and I did not get much done.
hem (someone or something) in
What does "hem (someone or something) in" mean?
trap or enclose someone or somethingWe went to the football game but we felt hemmed in by all of the people.
make heads or tails (out) of (something)
What does "make heads or tails (out) of (something)" mean?
to find meaning in something, to understand something I was unable to make heads or tails out of our company's plans to restructure our department.
What does "junk" mean?
drugs (heroin in particular)
ears are ringing
What does "ears are ringing" mean?
one hears a ringing sound because of a very loud soundMy ears were ringing after the three fire trucks passed me.


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