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Make It Worth (someone's) While To Do (something) Idiom

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make it worth (someone's) while to do (something)
What does make it worth (someone's) while to do (something) mean?
make something profitable enough for someone to doOur company always makes it worth our while to work on Saturday evenings.

Some Random Idioms
at the drop of a hat
What does "at the drop of a hat" mean?
without waiting or planning, immediately, promptly Our boss will stop working and help someone at the drop of a hat.

in charge of (someone or something)
What does "in charge of (someone or something)" mean?
in control or authority, responsible for someone or somethingHe is in charge of the sales department at his company.
Different ropes for different folks
What does "Different ropes for different folks" mean?
This idiom means that different people do things in different ways that suit them.
Put it on the cuff
What does "Put it on the cuff" mean?
If you put something on the cuff, you will take it now and pay for it later.
toss off
What does "toss off" mean?
do something rapidly and with little attention to detail
a pep talk
What does "a pep talk" mean?
a speech to encourage people to try harder and not give upThe coach gave his team a pep talk after they lost three games last month.
have (someone's) ear
What does "have (someone's) ear" mean?
to be able to get someone to listen to you (usually someone who has the power or ability to help you) Our supervisor has the company president's ear and he can talk to him anytime.

get (someone or something) out of one's head/mind
What does "get (someone or something) out of one's head/mind" mean?
to stop thinking about or wanting someone or something, to forget someone or somethingMy friend is trying hard to get his former girlfriend out of his mind.
six feet under
What does "six feet under" mean?
dead and buriedMy uncle has been six feet under for over five years now.
take (someone's) breath away
What does "take (someone's) breath away" mean?
overwhelm someone with beauty or grandeur, cause someone to be out of breathThe beauty of the mountain lake took my breath away.
cut (someone) off or cut off (someone)
What does "cut (someone) off or cut off (someone)" mean?
to stop someone from saying something, to disconnect someone on the phone I tried to tell my father about the accident but he cut me off before I could speak.

be up and running
What does "be up and running" mean?
(for a technological process) be operational; be ready to use ."John's Coffee Shoppe on the Web has been up andrunning since December 1995."
eat one`s cake and have it too
What does "eat one`s cake and have it too" mean?
to use or spend something but still keep it The man wants to eat his cake and have it too and he will never give up anything.


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