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Make It One's Business To (do Something) Idiom

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make it one's business to (do something)
What does make it one's business to (do something) mean?
do something even if you may interfere in something that does not directly concern youThe mother always makes it her business to know exactly what her children are doing.

Some Random Idioms
get down to brass tacks
What does "get down to brass tacks" mean?
to begin discussing or doing something immediately "Let`s get down to brass tacks and finish this job quickly."

rake (something) off
What does "rake (something) off" mean?
to take money from something illegallyThe sales clerk was accused of raking money off of the daily cash sales.
flesh (something) out or flesh out (something)
What does "flesh (something) out or flesh out (something)" mean?
to make something more detailed or bigger We worked hard during the weekend to flesh out our agreement.

(in) care of (someone)
What does "(in) care of (someone)" mean?
(send something) to one person at the address of another person I sent the parcel to my sister in care of her friend.
get sick
What does "get sick" mean?
to become illI got sick yesterday and did not go to the movie.
What does "BTDT" mean?
been there, done that
douche bag
What does "douche bag" mean?
horrible, retched person
What does "mung" mean?
destroy; make irreversible changes to
to be pressed for time
What does "to be pressed for time" mean?
to have barely enough timeMy boss was pressed for time so I did not have a chance to speak to him.
dome of obedience
What does "dome of obedience" mean?
helmet made of Kevlar
fall asleep
What does "fall asleep" mean?
to go to sleepI fell asleep as soon as I arrived home.


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