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Make Good On (something) Idiom

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make good on (something)
What does make good on (something) mean?
fulfill a promise, make something come true. repay a debtOur boss made good on his promise to give everyone a raise in the new year.

Some Random Idioms
What does "deejay" mean?
disc jockey
each and every
What does "each and every" mean?
every "I want each and every student to bring his or her textbook tomorrow."

draw interest
What does "draw interest" mean?
to appear interesting and attract someone's attention The singers drew much interest when they performed at the festival.

money burns a hole in (someone's) pocket
What does "money burns a hole in (someone's) pocket" mean?
someone spends money very quickly, someone is stimulated to spend money quicklyThe money was burning a hole in my pocket so I went downtown to spend it.
What does "all-in-one" mean?
combined, all the necessary features of something in one unitMany DVD players have a recording and playing function all-in-one.
rub (something) in
What does "rub (something) in" mean?
to talk or joke about something that someone said or did"I know that I made a mistake but you should not rub it in."
not at all
What does "not at all" mean?
certainly notI am not at all happy with my new computer.
flex one's muscles
What does "flex one's muscles" mean?
do something that shows that you have power and intend to use itThe new president of our company was flexing his muscles when he threatened to close one of the factories.
from way back
What does "from way back" mean?
since a long time ago, for a long time I know my friend from way back. In fact, we went to elementary school together.


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