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Make Fun Of (someone Or Something) Idiom

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make fun of (someone or something)
What does make fun of (someone or something) mean?
ridicule someone or somethingThe students were making fun of the girl with the short hair.

Some Random Idioms
You can't fight City Hall
What does "You can't fight City Hall" mean?
This phrase is used when one is so cynical that one doesn't think one can change their Representatives. The phrase must have started with frustration towards a local body of government.
Reds under the bed
What does "Reds under the bed" mean?
An ironic allusion to the obsession some people have that there are reds (communists) everywhere plotting violent revolution.
skip rope
What does "skip rope" mean?
to jump over a rope that is held by two people and which goes over your head and beneath your feetThe children spent the morning skipping rope.
frighten (someone) out of his or her wits
What does "frighten (someone) out of his or her wits" mean?
to frighten someone severelyThe little boy was frightened out of his wits by the big dog.
rap (someone's) knuckles
What does "rap (someone's) knuckles" mean?
to punish someone slightly The judge decided to rap the young boy's knuckles for his crime.

too good to be true
What does "too good to be true" mean?
to be almost unbelievableThe offer was too good to be true and I did not believe that it was possible.
hire out (something)
What does "hire out (something)" mean?
rent something to someoneWe hired out our boat last summer because we were too busy to use it.
last thing on (someone's) mind
What does "last thing on (someone's) mind" mean?
the last thing that someone is thinking aboutGoing to a movie was the last thing on my mind yesterday evening.
paint oneself into a corner
What does "paint oneself into a corner" mean?
to get into a bad situation that is difficult or impossible to escapeThe negotiations became easier when the other side painted themselves into a corner over the old insurance policy.


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