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Make Free With (someone Or Something) Idiom

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make free with (someone or something)
What does make free with (someone or something) mean?
take advantage or use something as if it were one's ownMy roommate always makes free with my clothes which I don't like at all.

Some Random Idioms
Take a straw poll
What does "Take a straw poll" mean?
If you take a straw poll, you sound a number of people out to see their opinions on an issue or topic.
in black and white
What does "in black and white" mean?
in writing, officiallyI put down my complaint in black and white.
turn over in one`s grave
What does "turn over in one`s grave" mean?
to be so angry that one does not rest quietly in one`s graveMy grandmother would turn over in her grave if she knew that I had lost my job and was not working.
get the boot
What does "get the boot" mean?
to be fired from a job, to be told to leave a place I got the boot from my first job in high school.
The man got the boot from the restaurant for smoking.

What does "brownout" mean?
a reduced level of electrical power. Another brownout? Now I can barely see anything.
off the subject
What does "off the subject" mean?
to be not concerned with the subject under discussionOur teacher is often off the subject during our class lectures.
at sea
What does "at sea" mean?
to be on the sea, to be away on a voyage on the ocean My grandfather was at sea for several months when he was a young man.

run down (someone or something)
What does "run down (someone or something)" mean?
to crash against and knock down someone or somethingA car ran down my dog last week.
Smooth as a baby's bottom
What does "Smooth as a baby's bottom" mean?
If something is smooth as a baby's bottom, it has a regular, flat surface.
fall on deaf ears
What does "fall on deaf ears" mean?
to have one's talk or ideas ignored by the person that they are intended for My complaints to the apartment manager usually fall on deaf ears and nothing is done.

know which is which
What does "know which is which" mean?
be able to distinguish one thing or person from anotherI saw my aunt's dog and my cousin's dog at my aunt's house but I don't know which is which.


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