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Make Eyes At (someone) Idiom

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make eyes at (someone)
What does make eyes at (someone) mean?
flirt with someone, look at someone to try and attract themThe boy was making eyes at the girl in his history class.
make eyes at (someone)
What does make eyes at (someone) mean?
to try to attract someone, to flirt with someoneThe woman in the restaurant is always making eyes at the customers.

Some Random Idioms
vent one's spleen
What does "vent one's spleen" mean?
get rid of one's angry feelingsI was able to vent my spleen at the manager of our apartment for the problems that she was causing.
heart is in the right place
What does "heart is in the right place" mean?
to be kindhearted/sympathetic, to have good intentions (even if the results may be bad)Although the girl makes a lot of mistakes her heart is in the right place.
take the roll
What does "take the roll" mean?
call the names of students in an attendance book and expect them to answer if they are thereThe teacher took the roll and then we started the lesson.
What does "horny" mean?
sexually aroused; wanting sexual activity
give (someone) a swelled head
What does "give (someone) a swelled head" mean?
to make someone conceitedThe girl's high test scores are giving her a swelled head.
What does "halvsies" mean?
two people each paying for half of something (often a meal)
sitting pretty
What does "sitting pretty" mean?
to be in a favorable situationMy uncle is sitting pretty with his new job and high salary.
dumb bunny
What does "dumb bunny" mean?
a stupid gullible person He is a dumb bunny and you never know what he will do next.

come to a pretty pass
What does "come to a pretty pass" mean?
to develop into a bad or difficult situation Things have come to a pretty pass and nobody knows what to do about the problem.

a long face
What does "a long face" mean?
a sad or disappointed lookThe man had a long face after he was fired from his job.
take it easy on (someone or something)
What does "take it easy on (someone or something)" mean?
to be gentle, to use less of something rather than moreI tried to take it easy on the sugar when I was making the fruit punch.
as easy as pie
What does "as easy as pie" mean?
: very easy."I thought you said this was a difficult problem. Itisn't. In fact, it's as easy as pie."
Keep your pecker up
What does "Keep your pecker up" mean?
If someone tells you to keep your pecker up, they are telling you not to let your problems get on top of you and to try to be optimistic.


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