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Make Do With (something) Idiom

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make do with (something)
What does make do with (something) mean?
substitute one thing for anotherIf there is no cream for the coffee we will have to make do with milk.

Some Random Idioms
What does "FYI" mean?
For Your Information For Your InformationI wrote FYI on the information bulletin and sent it to the other members of the staff.
ravished with delight
What does "ravished with delight" mean?
to be overcome with happiness or delightI was ravished with delight when I heard that my friend had decided to get married.
to the best of one's ability
What does "to the best of one's ability" mean?
as well as one is ableI always play sports to the best of my ability.
have one's hands full with (someone or something)
What does "have one's hands full with (someone or something)" mean?
be totally occupied with someone or somethingThe mother has her hands full with the two young children.
muscle in on (someone or something)
What does "muscle in on (someone or something)" mean?
forcefully try to discipline someone or take over someone's property or businessThe large supermarket was trying to muscle in on the territory of the small shops.
worm one's way out of (something)
What does "worm one's way out of (something)" mean?
to squeeze or wiggle out of a problem or a responsibilityMy friend was easily able to worm her way out of the problem at work.
What does "ditzy" mean?
person who is spacey, flakey, or absentminded (usually applied to women)
in the cards
What does "in the cards" mean?
possible or likely (the same as if you are using playing cards or tarot cards to predict the future) The airport expansion was in the cards but nobody knew exactly when it would begin.

What does "funky" mean?
smelly; stinky. What's that funky odor? Did something die? 2. The cat's litter box is getting funky.
give (someone) the eye
What does "give (someone) the eye" mean?
to look or stare at someone (especially in a cold or unfriendly way)The store manager began to give me the eye so I left.
On the cheap
What does "On the cheap" mean?
If you do something on the cheap, you spend as little as possible to do it.


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