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Make Cracks (about Someone Or Something) Idiom

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make cracks (about someone or something)
What does make cracks (about someone or something) mean?
ridicule or make jokes about someone or somethingThe radio announcer made cracks about the famous athlete during the interview.

Some Random Idioms
small/wee hours (of the night/morning)
What does "small/wee hours (of the night/morning)" mean?
the hours immediately after midnightMy father likes to read the newspaper in the small hours of the night.
Johnny on the spot
What does "Johnny on the spot" mean?
A person who is always available; ready, willing, and able to do what needs to be done.('Johnny-on-the-spot' is also used.)
keep the wolf from the door
What does "keep the wolf from the door" mean?
to maintain oneself at the most basic levelMy friend's part-time job is enough for him to keep the wolf from the door.
soil one's diapers
What does "soil one's diapers" mean?
a baby fills his or her diapersThe baby soiled his diapers on the airplane trip.
Jam on your face
What does "Jam on your face" mean?
If you say that someone has jam on their face, they appear to be caught, embarrassed or found guilty.
go from bad to worse
What does "go from bad to worse" mean?
to get worse, to deteriorateThings are going from bad to worse in our company.
from hand to hand
What does "from hand to hand" mean?
from one person to another person and then to another We passed the papers from hand to hand until they were all distributed.

strictly on the up-and-up
What does "strictly on the up-and-up" mean?
honest, fair and straightI only plan to do business with my friend if everything is strictly on the up-and-up.


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