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Make As If (to Do Something) Idiom

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make as if (to do something)
What does make as if (to do something) mean?
act as if one were about to do somethingThe driver made as if he was going to turn right but he actually turned left.

Some Random Idioms
with every (other) breath
What does "with every (other) breath" mean?
repeatedly or continually saying something My friend tells me with every other breath that she does not like my boyfriend.

Neck Idioms

prevail upon (someone)
What does "prevail upon (someone)" mean?
to ask or beg someone (for a favor)I had to prevail upon my friend to lend me some money for my holiday.
on/upon (someone`s) head
What does "on/upon (someone`s) head" mean?
on one's own selfThe little boy brought the anger of his parent's upon his head.
lay one's hands on (something)
What does "lay one's hands on (something)" mean?
find something, acquire somethingIf I can lay my hands on a slide projector, I will show you the pictures of my holiday tonight.
one's frame of mind
What does "one's frame of mind" mean?
one`s mental state - either good or bad I made sure that my boss was in a good frame of mind before I asked him for a holiday.

(one's) chickens have come home to roost
What does "(one's) chickens have come home to roost" mean?
one's words or acts come back to cause trouble for a personHer chickens came home to roost and now she must take responsibility for what she did.
tell (someone) a thing or two (about something)
What does "tell (someone) a thing or two (about something)" mean?
to scold someone, to become angry at someoneI plan to tell my neighbor a thing or two about his dog when I see him.
What does "dumb-ass" mean?
dumb, idiotic person
head spoon
What does "head spoon" mean?
mess sergeant
There, there.
What does "There, there." mean?
: expression of comfort. "There, there. Everything's going to be OK."


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