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Make Arrangements For (someone Or Something) Idiom

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make arrangements for (someone or something)
What does make arrangements for (someone or something) mean?
make plans for someone or somethingWe made arrangements for a small wedding for my cousin.

Some Random Idioms
All of the above
What does "All of the above" mean?
This idiom can be used to mean everything that has been said or written, especially all the choices or possibilities.
at the top of the hour
What does "at the top of the hour" mean?
at the beginning of the hour - 12:00, 1:00 etc. (at the top of a clock) The radio news always starts at the top of the hour.

patch up (something)
What does "patch up (something)" mean?
to fix somethingI have been trying to patch up my differences with my friend for many months.
dress up
What does "dress up" mean?
to put on one`s best clothesI decided to dress up for dinner at the restaurant.
call a spade a spade
What does "call a spade a spade" mean?
to describe something as it really is, to speak plainly I decided to call a spade a spade and tell our supervisor what I think is wrong with our workplace.

Poacher turned gamekeeper
What does "Poacher turned gamekeeper" mean?
Someone who gets a legitimate job which is the opposite of their previous one. E.G a computer hacker who then helps to catch other hackers or an ex-bank robber who then advises banks on security.
reconcile oneself to (something)
What does "reconcile oneself to (something)" mean?
to begin to feel comfortable with a bad or challenging situationWe have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that our school will close next year.
fall head over heels
What does "fall head over heels" mean?
to fall downThe little boy fell head over heels down the hillside.
every so often
What does "every so often" mean?
occasionally You should stand up every so often when you are on a long plane trip.

get along on a shoestring
What does "get along on a shoestring" mean?
to be able to live on very little moneyThe woman was forced to get along on a shoestring when she was a student.
sweetie pie
What does "sweetie pie" mean?
darling, sweetheartThe young man always calls his girlfriend sweetie pie.
beat a path to (someone's) door
What does "beat a path to (someone's) door" mean?
to come to someone in great numbersThe customers beat a path to the door of the computer game store.


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