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Make An Issue Of (something) Idiom

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make an issue of (something)
What does make an issue of (something) mean?
turn something into an important matterOur supervisor often tries to make an issue of events that are not important at all.

Some Random Idioms
take up where one left off
What does "take up where one left off" mean?
to start up again in the very place that one has stoppedWe will take up where we left off during the next class.
What does "brewsky" mean?
beer; a (bottle, can, glass) of beer
as one
What does "as one" mean?
as if a group were one person The crowd stood up as one and began to cheer.

a crick in one's neck
What does "a crick in one's neck" mean?
a painful cramp in one's neck I woke up this morning with a crick in my neck.

tongue in cheek
What does "tongue in cheek" mean?
jokingly, insincerely, mockingly, not really meaning somethingThe remark was made tongue in cheek and the man did not mean it.
fair and impartial
What does "fair and impartial" mean?
a fair and unbiased look at somethingThe judge made a fair and impartial decision in the case against the small store.
have an accident
What does "have an accident" mean?
experience something that was not intendedI had an accident on my way to work this morning.
grin and bear it
What does "grin and bear it" mean?
to endure something unpleasant with good humorI have to grin and bear it when my supervisor becomes angry with me.
talk (someone) down in price
What does "talk (someone) down in price" mean?
to convince someone to lower the price of somethingI was able to talk the man down in price when I was buying the stereo.
What does "day-to-day" mean?
daily, everydayThe president was not involved in the day-to-day running of the university.


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