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Make An Example Of (someone) Idiom

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make an example of (someone)
What does make an example of (someone) mean?
make a public issue out of someone's bad behaviorThe teacher punished the student severely in order to make an example of him for the other students.

Some Random Idioms
dead meat
What does "dead meat" mean?
dead person (usually made in threat form)
fall on deaf ears
What does "fall on deaf ears" mean?
to have one's talk or ideas ignored by the person that they are intended for My complaints to the apartment manager usually fall on deaf ears and nothing is done.

Many a slip twixt cup and lip
What does "Many a slip twixt cup and lip" mean?
There's many a slip twixt cup and lip means that many things can go wrong before something is achieved.
What does "thin-skinned" mean?
easily upset or hurt, very sensitive My friend is thin-skinned and is always upset about something that someone says to her.

What does "VTR" mean?
Video Tape Recorder Video Tape RecorderThe VTR in the classroom was missing because someone was using it for a meeting.
at peace
What does "at peace" mean?
to be peaceful, to be happyThe woman was relaxed and at peace after her friend's funeral.
mess up
What does "mess up" mean?
cause trouble, spoil somethingHe messed up his chance to get a promotion by not making any effort during the year.
blow (something)
What does "blow (something)" mean?
to fail at something, to ruin something I think that I blew the final math exam last week.

close to (someone)
What does "close to (someone)" mean?
to be fond of someoneThe boy is very close to his grandfather.
in one ear and out the other
What does "in one ear and out the other" mean?
a piece of information is heard and then quickly forgotten Everything that the teacher said went in one ear and out the other and I did not remember anything.

castles in the air
What does "castles in the air" mean?
daydreamsMy sister is always building castles in the air and is very unrealistic.
one's name is mud
What does "one's name is mud" mean?
a person`s reputation is badHis name is mud now that he has been charged by the police with stealing money from his company.


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