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Make An Appointment (with Someone) Idiom

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make an appointment (with someone)
What does make an appointment (with someone) mean?
schedule a meeting with someoneI made an appointment with my dentist to have my teeth checked.

Some Random Idioms
open (something) up
What does "open (something) up" mean?
to make something less congestedWe opened up the yard by cutting down some trees.
have/has ('ve/'s) got
What does "have/has ('ve/'s) got" mean?
have/has."John's got a son whose name is Benjamin and adaughter whose name is Shannon."
Break your heart
What does "Break your heart" mean?
If someone upsets you greatly, they break your heart, especially if they end a relationship.
What does "eat" mean?
perform oral sex
so soon
What does "so soon" mean?
early, before the regular timeI did not expect the dinner to end so soon after the presentations were finished.
flat out
What does "flat out" mean?
without hiding anything, openlyI told my friend flat out that I would not go to the party with her.
let (someone) go
What does "let (someone) go" mean?
discharge someone from a job, fire someoneThe company has decided to let several hundred workers go in order to become profitable again.
out of the corner of one's eye
What does "out of the corner of one's eye" mean?
with a quick glance at somethingI saw the big truck coming toward me out of the corner of my eye.
get the eye from (someone)
What does "get the eye from (someone)" mean?
to be looked at by someone in a hostile or unfriendly way We got the eye from the manager of the restaurant when we entered in our old clothes.


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