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Make Amends For (something) Idiom

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make amends for (something)
What does make amends for (something) mean?
do something to compensate for an error/injury/lossI was forced to do some extra work to make amends for my mistake of last week.

Some Random Idioms
fall flat (on one's face)
What does "fall flat (on one's face)" mean?
to be unsuccessful, to failMy attempt at humor fell flat and now the girl does not like me.
see a man about a dog
What does "see a man about a dog" mean?
to leave for some unmentioned purpose (often to go to the washroom)I left the table in the restaurant to go and see a man about a dog.
By a long chalk
What does "By a long chalk" mean?
(UK) If you beat somebody by a long chalk, you win easily and comfortably.
slow on the draw
What does "slow on the draw" mean?
to be slow in drawing a gun or in doing somethingThe man is slow on the draw and never takes advantage of opportunities that he sees.
overnight (something)
What does "overnight (something)" mean?
to send a document or package somewhere for delivery the next day We decided to overnight the new contract to our supplier.

How`s that?
What does "How`s that?" mean?
what did you say?"How`s that? I couldn`t hear you because the radio was too loud."
haul asss
What does "haul asss" mean?
hurry out of a place. Time to haul ass out of here before the cops show up.
carry the day
What does "carry the day" mean?
to win complete support The manager's idea carried the day and everyone supported him with enthusiasm.

For the love of Pete
What does "For the love of Pete" mean?
I am frustrated with this situation.For the love of Pete, can we just pick a restaurant and stop searching? I am hungry.
This phrase and phrases like "for Pete's sake" are euphemisms for the phrases "for the love of God/Christ" or "for God's/Christ's sake" and hail from a time when those phases were considered blasphemous. Nowadays phrases like "for the love of God" are commonly used, but the euphemisms are still used.
Why Pete? Most likely it is a reference to the catholic Saint Peter.


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