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Make Allowances For (someone Or Something) Idiom

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make allowances for (someone or something)
What does make allowances for (someone or something) mean?
allow extra time for someone or something, make excuses for someone or somethingWe had to make allowances for the fact that the new employee was very slow.

Some Random Idioms
by all means
What does "by all means" mean?
certainly, yes "By all means, I will come to dinner next week."

fuck like bunnies
What does "fuck like bunnies" mean?
have sex regularly and repeatedly
in the public eye
What does "in the public eye" mean?
visible to all, in publicVery often the wife or husband of a politician does not like to be in the public eye.
short shrift
What does "short shrift" mean?
rude treatmentThe woman received short shrift from her supervisor when she asked for a holiday.
What does "French" mean?
kiss using the tongue
push the panic button
What does "push the panic button" mean?
to become very frightened or excited at a time of danger or worryHe thought that his wallet had been stolen so he pushed the panic button and told everyone that it was missing.
cast in the same mold
What does "cast in the same mold" mean?
to be very similar The two sisters were cast in the same mold and were almost identical.

like father, like son
What does "like father, like son" mean?
a boy is often similar to his fatherThe boy always copied his father. It was very much like father, like son.
Don't mention the war
What does "Don't mention the war" mean?
This means that you shouldn't speak about things that could cause an argument or tension.This idiom was used in a classic episode of the much-loved British comedy series Fawlty Towers. As a consequence if you use this phrase in Britain, listeners will understand you to be referring to Germans, or just start laughing.


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